Tree Removal Trends

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2021 3rd qtr

Arborist Sign Postings Now Online!

The orange and yellow sign property postings on private property are now listed by zip code on the City Arborist Division's website. Please click here to see which trees may be coming down near you, and when the deadlines are to file an appeal.

Sign postings on public property may be found here.

Find out where trees may be coming down near you!

Text TREES to
(404) 637-0080… 

to view all arborist records for past 3 weeks on properties within a ½ mile of your home, including:

  - DDH Permits Requests
  - Plan Reviews
  - Complaints
  - Illegal Activity
  - Appeals

You will be sent a new text each time someone near you applies for a tree removal permit or files a complaint or an appeal.  Cancel text messages at anytime.

latest news flash


New Tree Ordinance Coming Soon

The rewrite of the tree ordinance that Councilmember Matt Westmoreland, Community Development/Human Services Committee Chair, was working on with Councilmembers Jennifer Ide and J.P. Matsigkeit has been postponed until after the November Mayoral and City Council elections.  It had been Westmoreland's hope to release a modified version of the City's Planning Department's latest ordinance by August 2021 and to vote on it before the elections. The City's proposed ordinance is 67 pages, more than double the pages of our current ordinance, and even more complicated and hard for the average resident to understand.

Westmoreland has heard from everyone that enforcement is the key to having an effective ordinance.  Lack of enforcement is the primary reason our current ordinance doesn't work.  A new ordinance may sound better on paper, but it won't be any more effective at saving our tree canopy without the kind of enforcement that ensures compliance.

The Tree Next Door's list of recommendations on how to fix the City's proposed Tree Ordinance is linked to our logo on the right-hand side of this page followed by the recommendations of other tree advocacy groups.  Simply click on each logo to see what each particular group has to say about the City's proposed ordinance.  

The Tree Next Door has also put together a list of the "Top Ten Things That Must Be Fixed" in the City's proposed ordinance for those who want just the highlights.


A Rewrite of the Tree Trust Fund Ordinance

The Tree Next Door has submitted their rewrite of the Tree Trust Fund section of the City's proposed new tree ordinance to the Atlanta City Council Community Development and Human Services Committee.  Our rewrite remains true to the core principles of the Tree Trust Fund. It recognizes legitimate competing demands for Tree Trust Fund resources, and  -- most importantly -- implements safeguards consistent with the conclusions and recommendations of the City's Tree Trust Fund Performance Audit (October, 2020).

Our proposed Tree Trust Fund Section:

  1. Focuses on tree planting, forest purchases, tree education, and resources for low-income homeowners. It provides institutional support for these goals.

  2. Reduces allocations for personnel unrelated to these goals while adding an administrator for budget preparation, creation of the Urban Tree Master Plan and oversight of the Tree Conservation Commission (TCC).

  3. Empowers the TCC to review budgets, tree planting plans and purchases of forested property. (The TCC is the only City commission with both the geographical and professional representation necessary for these tasks.)

  4. Creates procedures to improve data tracking and reporting of Tree Trust Fund revenues to ensure transparency and accountability as recommended by the City's Performance Audit.

  5. Responds to future climate challenges by implementing a science-based Urban Tree Master Plan. This plan is also needed to address unequal spending across city quadrants, city parks and other public spaces.

This proposal is necessary because the City Draft violates both the spirt and the letter of the City Audit findings. It specifically:

  1. Increases annual expenditures from $50,000 to $100,000, but sets no percentages or dollar amounts for tree planting or forest purchases.

  2. Reduces the role of the Tree Conservation Commission.

  3. Makes financial reporting even less transparent while reducing all other reporting to a single annual report.

  4. Does not specify which positions in either the Planning or Parks Departments are to be funded by the TTF.

  5. Places decision making in the sole hands of the Commissioner of Planning.

  6. Drastically dilutes the purpose of the TTF by expanding funding for broad projects initiated by other departments.

  7. Fails to provide meaningful guidance for the creation and implementation of the Urban Forest Master Plan.

Given that our investigation into prior mismanagement of the Tree Trust Fund resulted in an internal City Audit documenting $3 million in diverted funds and $2.1 million in uncollected fines, our rewrite of the Tree Trust Fund Section will provide the transparency and accountability that the Tree Trust Fund has been sorely lacking. 


See a tree coming down? Click here for what to do!

Tree Advocacy Groups' Feedback to City's Proposed Tree Ordinance

The Tree Next Door and other Atlanta tree advocacy groups have serious concerns with the City's proposed new tree ordinance, presently scheduled for a City Council vote on May 17th.  Click on the each logo below to read each group's feedback:

The Tree Next Door 

transparent logo png

 trees atlanta 

livable buckhead 

 south river watershed alliance

 inman park tree watch boxed

city in the forest

Click here to contact your City Council representatives about the City's proposed new tree ordinance.

Need to Look Up a Permit?

Click here for instructions on how to look up a tree cuting permit in Accela, the City of Atlanta's online permitting database.  If you already know how to use Accela, click here to go straight to the database.

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